Replacing A Rooftop Multizone HVAC Unit

Multizone HVAC replacement options from CME:

Custom Mechanical Equipment (CME) offers exceptional custom made multizone options that will fit all your rooftop HVAC replacement needs. Our Multi Zone units are the best choice when you are looking to replace old rooftop units by: Carrier, Lennox, Mammoth, Trane, Nesbitt, Octagon, Airdyne multizone, Seasons 4, or any other commercial brand. CME also has options for new construction as well.

If you are looking to replace a rooftop HVAC unit with one that exceeds current efficiency standards then we have a solution for you. CME is the only multizone manufacturer that meets title 24 standards for those customers in the California market. We have built 1000s of custom, highly efficient HVAC products for schools, commercial buildings, and government applications.

Roof Top Multizone Unit

Why Choose CME for Your HVAC Replacement Unit?

We build a custom multizone based on your specific needs to specs that fit your building and application to maximize efficiency and reduce long term maintenance cost. From 5 ton to 45 ton multizone,  each penthouse unit contains multiple split systems designed for highly efficient and reliable performance in commercial buildings. Multiple economizers, fans, cooling coils and heating sections condition independent zones without the complexity, lack of redundancy and energy waste found in other zoning systems. The result is exceptional occupant comfort, low operation costs and the most energy efficient multizone available. CME takes customization one step further, we have a in house powder coating shop allowing us to offer a large selection of color choices. We also offer rooftop screening if you are looking to improve your curb appeal.

Custom Mechanical Equipment not only provides excellent equipment, we also provide superb customer service. Each job will get a custom quote based on your specific needs and wants. Once you have chosen CME for your HVAC replacement an equipment specialist will come visit your site to measure the job, ensuring that our equipment will fit your exact needs. From the time our equipment reaches your site until it is up and running our equipment specialist will be on site to oversee the equipment set, this allows us to make sure our product will meet your expectations.

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Title 24 Compliance

CME’s custom MultiZone units slashes energy costs with proven, highly efficient equipment, with independent cooling, heating and ventilation, we avoid the inherent complexity and inefficiencies of other multizone and central station systems. Delivery the most efficient heating and cooling system for your specific needs.