Multizone Rooftop HVAC

PMZ3 10 Ton HVAC

The PMZ3 – 10 ton hvac rooftop unit is ideal for heating and cooling 1 to 6 separate areas that you want individual zone controls for. The 10 ton AC / Heating until is most efficient on buildings less than 4,200 square feet. This unit is very similar to the PMZ3 – 5 ton, however it differentiates in tonnage, and zone control abilities. This rooftop unit is great used as a fail safe for a server room or critical load application because if one system goes down, the second system automatically kicks in. These units come with the air conditioners attached, pre-piped, and pre-tested this makes this unit great for quick install.

Each CME product is specially designed for your specific needs, we build each 10 Ton HVAC unit custom, so it matches the customer’s specific demands. Each penthouse HVAC unit contains multiple split systems designed for highly efficient and reliable performance in commercial buildings. Multiple economizers, fans, cooling coils and heating sections condition independent zones without the complexity, lack of redundancy and energy waste found in other zoning systems. The result is exceptional occupant comfort, low operation costs and the most energy efficient multizone available.

Our 10 Ton HVAC Unit Slashes Energy Cost

The PMZ3 10 Ton HVAC slashes energy costs with proven, highly efficient equipment, with independent cooling, heating and ventilation, we avoid the inherent complexity and inefficiencies of other multizone and central station systems. This HVAC system is the perfect replacement for your old inefficient heating and cooling system. Meets Air Economizers For California Title 24 Compliance.

To learn more about the PMZ3 please visit our document library to access more literature about this product.