Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting for your current install, CME offers a highly efficient product for your project.


Having designed multizone and variable zone HVAC systems since 1986, CME is qualified to assess and build an HVAC system that will fit your needs. We’ve installed our rooftop and single room units all over the country, in every weather climate, and in many construction situations. We will guarantee that our systems will fit any install because we design and build each one specifically for our clients’ needs.

Maximized Efficiency

Each of CME’s products is designed to for efficiency by taking the best parts and packaging them together to make the most efficient product available. We use only high-quality Lennox parts that are both energy efficient and readily available. Our variable speed systems will reduce energy consumption when possible, while still providing amazing comfort.

CME’s first HVAC install is still running efficiently after more than 22 years. While parts have gotten more efficient, lighter, and better, our commitment to creating the best multizone or variable zone HVAC system hasn’t changed. We’re still committed to creating and building the best.

Easy Maintenance

All of our HVAC units are enclosed to provide protection from wind, rain, hail, sun, and rust and corrosion, extending the life of the unit. We also design our enclosures to allow technicians easy access to the unit – so work can be performed quickly and without having to deal with the weather.

Quiet Comfort

We go to great lengths to make sure that our systems are felt and not heard. Our PUVs are acoustically-sealed to virtually eliminate noise during heating and cooling, while our outside SRU units are insulated to 2 inches inside its enclosure.