Today there is a great deal of excitement about “Green” and “LEED.” These ideas are truly a perfect fit with the PMZ concept, which is to take the most energy efficient HVAC products available and combine them into a tested and approved “system” that is easy to install and maintain. Applying geo-thermal products to the PMZ design was the next logical step in our progression as the most energy efficient, commercial Multizone system available. We believe it is important to recognize that it’s not only new construction that can go green. Retrofitting existing Multizone equipment, which currently consumes the majority of the energy in schools and offices, with the PMZ will save consumers 30-60% of their current HVAC energy costs. We know our limitations in the market we serve and will not oversell our product just to make a sale. Our market consists of controllable spaces in two- to three-ton increments up to forty-five total tons of cooling.

Advantages of CME Systems

  • Unique Approach to Air-Flow Design
  • Replacement & New Construction
  • Up to 60% Reduction in Energy Costs
  • Geo-thermal Ready
  • Modular Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Short Lead Times
  • Custom Engineered Design