From the late 1960’s to the early 80’s “hot-deck cold-deck” multizone units were the system of choice for design engineers in most low-rise commercial and institutional buildings. These systems mixed an inexpensive supply of hot and cold air to condition numerous, independently controlled zones in a building. When energy costs escalated with the oil embargo of the late 70’s and early 80’s, traditional multizone systems became obsolete due to the high cost of mixing hot and cold air simultaneously.

In 1986 Dick Peitz conceived an idea to replace existing, worn-out multizone units with multiple, highly efficient, independently controlled systems housed in a customized, rooftop penthouse structure. The first penthouse unit was field-assembled on the roof of a school in West Bend, WI in the summer of 1988. The success of this first venture proved the PMZ concept could provide a viable replacement for thousands of multizone units. The need for multizone units grew in popularity and in 1999 Dick and his son Bill (president of Custom Mechanical Equipment) first opened the doors of Custom Mechanical Equipment. CME was first based in East Troy, Wisconsin in a small manufacturing facility. As the business grew so did CME, Bill’s son Erik, the current vice president, became heavily involved in the company.

In 2003 CME moved to Ponca City, OK to a more geographically centralized location to help better serve its nationwide customer base. This moved more than tripled manufacturing space and doubled office space. The move to Ponca City allowed CME to expand into other industries and products. Custom Mechanical Equipment currently produces custom commercial multizones and multizone screening. Custom Powder and Dustless Blasting, a CME company, specializes in custom powder coating, mobile sandblasting, mobile power washing, and custom fabrication. Source Fabrication, a CME company, is a custom metal shop specializing in serving the oil & gas industries. For more information on our powder coating shop visit(link here). for more information on source fabrication visit.