35 PUVs For California Schools

Unit Ventilator Project

Summary description: We sent 35 Unit Ventilators, otherwise known as PUVs or school boys, to a customer in California. These cabinets each control one classroom and actually fit right into the classroom instead of being on the roof or outside. Each individual unit can control the temperature for a room up to 1400 square feet.

Custom PUV for California School

Finishing touches on PUV PUV ready to ship

Project Type: Unit Ventilators

Specs: 30 inches by 30 inches and 8 foot tall. Built to house a heating unit, filtration, outdoor air, and a cooling coil. We applied both Traine and Lennox furnaces and coils, and fabricated the rest of the cabinet from scratch. We can powder coat these units a variety of different colors allowing customers to choose what would look best in their space.

Where is it going:

These PUVs were shipped to California

Type of client:

These Unit Ventilators are for a School System