HVAC Screening for Code Compliance

HVAC Equipment Screening

Architectural Rooftop Screening is one of our specialties. We have installed so many commercial penthouse HVAC systems that screening then became a natural extension of our business and an extension that our customers expected of us.

Custom Made to for Your Commercial Building

Each HVAC install is unique, which is why each roof screen that CME builds is a custom factory design. Our standard rooftop covering is composed of 26 gauge steel siding and trim, however other siding and trim options are available, each option is strong enough to protect your investment. Siliconized polyester minimizes chalking and fading by resisting the detrimental effects of the sun’s UV rays, rain, humidity and weathering while superior abrasion resistance allows the screening to endure physical abuse without cracking or marring.

Each Roof Top Unit (RTU) screen custom fits your HVAC install. Removable doors allow access panels to open through the screen, eliminating any service clearance issues. The install is supported by the rooftop unit.

HVAC Screening for Rooftop Units in Wide Array of Colors

Installation is fast and easy, you have the option to install yourself or factory installation is available through Custom Mechanical Equipment. You can choose from a  wide array of colors or custom colors can be ordered – ensuring your the installation fits your needs.


Roof Top HVAC Screening with Panels Removed       HVAC Roof Screening for Code Compliance and Nice Apperance 


PBC Panel for Commercial HVAC Screening


PBR Panel for Rooftop Screening

36 inch wide PBR Screen panel    PBR Screen Panel

PBU Panel for Screening

PBU Panel Option    Option for Screening Panels

PBD Panel for Screening

pbd screen panel options     screen panel option


  • All products are available in smooth or embossed finish.
  • Trim is available in all colors.
  • Other colors available
  • Your color selection may depend on local building codes and regulations

color chart for custom hvac screens

HVAC Screening Colors